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OC Lady Laura

Sire: Ruskington Hartley
Dam: Ruskington Foxy Lady, Dam's Sire: Trofarth Cymro

Old Croft Lady Laura was a very sweet filly that we bred and have subsequently sold. She was foaled in April and by October was shown at Wisbech Shire Horse Society Foal show and sale. She was placed 2nd in a good class. She was a classy filly that really showed well, going very close behind in her stand show. She had beautiful silky hair desired in the Show Shires and a wonderfully quiet temperament. She is a good representation of the modern type of quality show animal that we aim to breed!

OC Duchess

Sire: Ruskington Connor
Dam: Acle Marchioness, Dam's Sire: Bodernog Master

Duchess was again a very eyecatching filly that was sold privately for riding in the future. She was an outstanding filly, with great joint, hair and a tremendous height of hock. She was a very smart filly that should go on to make a nice riding horse. We believe that every animal has a purpose and can suit different needs for different customers. Some of our foals in the future will be suitable for riding, driving or companions and we do not expect to sell all of our stock to show homes. She was a lovely filly that we were very proud to breed.

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